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We are nearly in May of 2019. For some this causes excitement, a whopping two bank holidays to sink your teeth into. For DNA IT Solutions, our IT Support solution – Helix Support, is endings it’s promotional offer that has ran through April. Helix Support, the IT Support that is designed for you, is still available at our discounted rate, including a level of Free IT Support. You have until the end of tomorrow!

What is Helix Support?

Helix Support is our main service we offer. Providing expert and professional advice & support to businesses. Our focal point is helping businesses with their entire IT infrastructure and strategy. We have 3 different ways to offer our services through Helix Support. Unfortunately, IT isn’t a one size fits all industry. Each maintenance contract needs to be tailored and designed for you.

The Three Support Routes

Our three support routes open for you to take are:

  • Ad-hoc based Helix Support
  • Device based Helix Support
  • Time based Helix Support

Depending on your requirements, depends on what type of package we would advise you to take.

Ad-Hoc Based Helix Support

Ad-Hoc support is based upon a reactive solution to your IT needs. For example; if a client suddenly has a problem with one of their PCs, they would ring their IT Support provider such as ourselves, who would then head out to the site, or work remotely to fix the problem. Once the work had been completed, an invoice would be sent, based on an hourly rate.

Our hourly rate is very competitive at £50p/h this is for both remote and on-site support. Many IT service providers differentiate the cost of remote and on-site work. We believe by offering the same rate no matter what then there is less room for confusion for the client, for what services they are paying for.

Device Based Helix Support

Our second Support Route, is a Device Based Helix Support. This is our first type of maintenance contract. With this option, you pay a subscription, per device, per month. Why per device? It is a transparent solution, which allows the client to see exactly what they are paying for, and they understand if their situation changes, the support contract will reflect that.

The device based maintenance contract, comes in two flavours; Helix Device Essentials and Helix Device Plus. Each flavour provides you with different levels of support. Allowing us to provide with a service designed for you. In addition to the standard device based aspects, we currently offer 2 types of bolt-on packages to this type of contract. These are Helix Infrastructure and Helix Management.

Time Based Helix Support

Our third and final route that you as a client might take, is the Time Based Helix Support type of maintenance contract. With this option, the client buys a set amount of time each month. Resulting in a monthly retainer of our services. The more hours you pay for the larger the discount. For example, a client pays for 6 hours a month, this means that we will work on anything they need us to, up to 6 hours before we will then charge for our time.

However, DNA IT Solutions like to add value to the services, therefore you can rollover up to one full months of hours at any one time. What does this mean? If you don’t use all of your alloted time in a month. The remaining hours will rollover to the next month. If the amount to rollover would take you over 2 x your monthly limit, the hours are lost.