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DNA IT are a Lancashire-based company, established for almost 20 years that supply exceptional value business technology to existing customers in the Burnley area and are always looking for new ones. We offer a wide range of IT products and services at competitive prices, so please browse our site and contact us with your requirements.




Our Accrington office is only approximately fifteen minutes’ drive from Burnley including the neighbouring places of Padiham, Hapton, Worsthone and Harle Syke. This means we can offer a fast response to business customers here in the case of emergencies.




The former mill town of Burnley was once one of the world’s largest producers of woven cotton cloth. The Jacquard machines attached to some of the looms here over a century ago, allowed the settings required to produce a pattern to be stored on a series of wooden boards, making them ancestors to the modern computer. Today Burnley hosts manufacturing companies in the aerospace, automotive and professional audio industries and is reputed to be the smallest town ever to host a Premier League football team.