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What is IT Support? Do I need it for my business?

This is a statement I here a lot when speaking to small, family run businesses. What is IT Support? Do I need it for my Business? The latter is simple enough to answer, but What is IT Support? usually takes a lot longer to explain and describe. So, why is that? Many IT professionals sometimes struggle to get their point across. This means that it is harder for smaller businesses who are not technically minded to grasp IT as a concept. When people don’t understand something, they naturally don’t trust it. It is our job to change that perception of the IT industry. We should help these businesses and individuals to make the most out of their IT.

DNA IT Solutions offer IT Support across the North-West, here are a few examples of the areas we cover; IT Support in Pendle, IT Support in Rossendale and IT Support in Greater Manchester.

We offer a wide variety of services and solutions that covers your IT support needs.

IT is more than just fixing things, it is not just the case of reacting to certain situations. This is the main reason why taking up a contract with an IT Support provider is so important. Without the constant backing of an IT Support provider, businesses run the risk of finding themselves in awkward situations. When, it comes down to needing help with their IT.

Let’s look at an example:

A small family run business that uses a small amount of 3 PCs or laptops total. No servers, no printers. Just 3 end user devices that may or may not be designed for home users rather than a business scenario.

Do they need IT Support? Yes! However the business would say they don’t. This is because, they know someone who can do it. For example; Karen who is the Managing Director’s daughter-in-law has a cousin who’s best-friends kid plays a lot of computer games. So they must know how to fix business related IT incidents… right?

Wrong. There is no denying that young Chris probably does know his way around computers. He might know how to build them and get them setup for the best possible output. This will enable him to run around dressed as a teddy bear, shooting people from across the world on Fortnite. The chances of him then knowing how to fix the problem your business is having is somewhat slim.

On the other-hand

Maybe, there’s a chance that your small business doesn’t trust their company information to someone so inexperienced within the Business IT world. You may be using a local PC repair centre. These are usually setup to help individuals with their home IT problems. This is a slightly better situation to be in, you have someone who works with computers for a living. Not just a hobby.

Some of you might be thinking, “I understand why not to use my daughter-in-law’s cousin’s best-friend’s kid, but what is wrong with me using the local computer repair shop?”

Technically, nothing.

For any small computer problem, they should be able to resolve the issue. However, for businesses, it is not often that it is just a small computer problem. As I said earlier, IT is more than just fixing things.


If you are currently sat reading this article. You may have suddenly had the realisation that your business or the business you work for is exactly like the one I have just described then stop right here. Read no further than this paragraph. Head on over to our solutions section to find out a bit more of what we can offer you. If it makes you think and you want to learn more, then please do get in touch. However, if you are still unconvinced, or just simply want to know more, then please do read on.

There’s more to IT then fixing things?

Let us look at the same example case from earlier on in this post. Now we can apply the same situation, but instead of the business using someone they know who does IT, or a local computer repair shop, they use a Managed IT Service Provider such as DNA IT Solutions, in other words, us.

What does the business get for using someone like us?

Here are a quick 5 reasons as to why it is a good idea for a business like the one in the example, to get professional business IT support, and what they will get out of it.

  1. Expert Service – IT professionals have trained and practiced their craft for years, by selecting an IT service provider, you are acquiring not just one persons expertise in the IT industry, but a whole array of knowledge brought to you by the entire IT service desk. It isn’t just a case of turning it off and back on again.
  2. Cheaper than you think – For smaller business, one of the main put offs of hiring professional IT services is cost, they presume it is going to cost them the earth, or at least one of their kidneys. This is not the case, it doesn’t have to be expensive to get a good quality of service. Our smallest package starts at £7.49 per device a month. This is our Helix Device Essentials plan. Apply this costing to the example, and the business would only have to pay a very low total of £22.47 excluding VAT a month.
  3. Increased ROI – If you are looking for reasons to move from no or minimal IT support to getting the full-monty, an increase in ROI is probably not something you imagined to find. However the statement stands. Your first thought would be that IT costs money, I am not denying that, decent IT infrastructure does cost money. So how does it increase your ROI? Easy, by having an expert IT team looking after your systems who are proactive in finding and fixing incidents before they start to hassle you, your efficiency as a company will increase, maximising its potential. Increased efficiency, less mistakes, less time waiting for your PC to say yes or no means more time, being turned towards maximising the profit for your business.
  4. Enhanced Security – By having a team actively looking out for your business, monitoring and resolving any potential issues enhances the overall security of your business. This has an affect on everything, having better security on your network reduces the chances of being affected by an external attack or an internal accident which in turn reduces the chance of losing data or time. Losing data and/or time could lead to losing business and then money.
  5. Maintained IT Systems – There is a huge difference between having a few end-user devices and a full business IT solution, however that doesn’t mean that smaller businesses cannot tap into the resources of such a well oiled machine. By implementing our own system for your business, we can actively monitor and maintain ensuring a reliable service to your users and your clients.

The list could go on.

Why You Need IT – IT Support

What it comes down to is if you are confident in your businesses ability to cope for any length of time, ensuring that no business is lost, if for whatever reason you have an IT based outage. A managed IT provider won’t just fix your outage when it turns up on your doorstep. We will work towards preventing the outage in the first place. Train your employees to ensure they are getting the most out of your systems. We will setup new users, freeing up your time to get them on-board. IT isn’t just fixing things. Used correctly, the right IT solutions, back by the right IT provider can help your business develop into something far greater. In the end, you will thank your IT provider.